Select a Hosting Service

Select a Hosting Service

Before creating your site, you will need to have a domain name and a hosting service. If you already have a website, you may be able to skip these steps. However, if your current host does not specialize in WordPress sites, you might want to consider switching to one that does.

A host that knows WordPress and provides assistance when you need to update your site or when you run into problems can save you time and help you avoid problems that may cause your website to stop working and risk loss of sales. This will not be the cheapest hosting option you will find, but the improved reliability of a managed WordPress host will save you and your customers time and money in the long run.

This site uses SiteGround, which we found to offer the best price for these services at the time. Our experience with their support staff has been outstanding, and we definitely feel comfortable recommending them to you.

You can get more hosting recommendations and read about the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting here: Beginner’s Guide for WordPress.

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