Install WordPress

Install WordPress

If you choose a managed WordPress hosting service, this step will be easy. Your hosting service will either pre-install WordPress for you, or it will provide a button or other simple method for the installation.

If you have to install WordPress on your own, you will find different hosting services provide different ways for you to do the installation. However, in most cases, you will need to do the installation from your cpanel.

cPanel is the control panel for most of the technical functionality of your web hosting account. With it you can manage your emails, databases, subdomains; you can install scripts and applications, check your stats, etc. Your hosting service should provide instructions for accessing your cpanel and installing WordPress.

The cpanel will have tools available for installing various software products, including WordPress. You may see a button to install WordPress. When you click it, the software will guide you through the process. There may also be buttons for installers such as Softalicious or Fantastico, which will also allow you to install WordPress easily.


If you have a blog or other farm website you would like to keep separate from your online ordering site, you may want to create a subdomain where you can install WordPress and create your online ordering site. You can create a subdomain from your cpanel.

  1. Click on “Subdomains” under the “Domain” heading on your cpanel.
  2. Type the name you want for your subdomain into the “Subdomain” field. The URL for your subdomain (which will also be the URL for your ordering site) will (or whatever your domain might be. For example, the URL for the Digital Farmer example ordering site is:
  3. Click the “Create” button.